Getting seats next to each other in the plane

Getting seats next to each other in the plane

Getting seats next to each other in the planeEach passenger that book tickets for a few people, wants to have seats next to each other. What to do to have such places guaranteed?

Seats in low-cost airlines

In airlines Ryanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet seat are allocated during check-in automatically. Choosing specific seats is allowed for additional fee.

Seats next to each other in regular airlines

In most regular airlines it is possible during a check-in to choose seat for each passenger. More and more airlines are starting to charge for such option. In LOT, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, KLM without charge you can choose seat only during check-in done 24 hours before a take-off.

There is also a different policy – Air France and KLM in their lowest fares and allocating randomly seats for passengers during check-in, without possibility of changing them.

  • Istanbul
    Departure from Hurghada
    from 225 USD
    Departure from Cairo
    from 266 USD

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