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How to find cheap flights?

Because of the high price of flight tickets, every traveller wants to find out how to fly cheap.
By knowing these tips you can save up to several hundred pounds! So, how to find cheap flights?

  • Get into the subject of flights and learn what to expect. Follow low-cost airlines on social media or subscribe to their newsletter to get fresh news. Which arilines are worth checking? Look out for your local airlines but also take a look at other companies ranked as cheap airlines like Egypt Air, Norwegian, Ryanair, EasyJet, Eurowings, Wizz Air. These airlines would offer the lowest flight tickets.

  • First it's about timing. Don't get depressed if you never find a good deal searching on Saturday evening – everybody's doing that. That's why the prices never go down on the weekends. Try Wednesday morning or late at night – this gives you better chances to sneak upon a flight deal. Also if you install an app on your mobile with a cheap flight search engine it will send you notifications of cheap flights becoming available. Finding cheaps flights is also about flexibility – find the deal and then make time for it.

  • If your life has more of a structured way and you can't just throw a holiday plan in your bosses face, plan far in advance. Giving it a few months of advance you are more likely to come across lower prices on plane tickets for early birds. Early booking is advisable because airlines will rarely lower their prices when they know this is the time you must travel and you'll have to pay whatever they say. Give yourself options and this way you'll see more variety in prices. A good cheap flight search engine will also help you finding deals.

Where to find cheap flights?

There are three most popular ways of searching for cheap flight tickets.

  • If you have a favourite airline – become a member to get discounts on your journeys. If you don't mind travelling with different airlines, why not follow them on social media or subscribe to their newsletter in order to find out about deals they offer. You can also use their own search engines to find flights.

  • People gather in online groups and communities when they're got things in common. Traveles have thougth the same. They are willing to share their knowledge whenever they find interesting deals and post them in groups for others to enjoy. It's fun, it's easy but it also requires some flexibility to be able to participate. You can ask a questions and you'll be answered, which is great.

  • If you haven't done so yet, start using cheap flights search engines. It's possibly the most time-saving device when it somes to searching for flights. It gathers details from several hundreds airlines and makes data available in one place. You can enter several conditions into the search, like “where can I fly cheap from Egypt” or “what are the prices of airline tickets to Cyprus. If you're still afraid to use the search engine we'll show you how to do it.

How to search for cheap flights?

To check flight tickets available for the selected dates on eSky, you should first determine some basic data.

  • Are you OK with a multi-city journey? Are you planning a round trip or one-way? Multi-city journeys are surprisingly the cheapest in pricing. Again – flexibility pays off. Pick ariports of departure and arrival, select time and dates, pick arrival date if you selected round trip. Now just add number of co-passengers with their age (infants, childres, teenagers, adults). Then book class choosing from economy, economy premium, business or first.

  • Click “Search” button to get results automatically. A long list of results meeting your criteria will be presented and you will be able to view airline names, departure and arrival time and dates, total travel time, airports names, transfers and a pricing per person. Booking conditions will be also available for viewing.

  • Feel free to filter the results on eSky cheap flight search engine by lowering number of transfers, by airport names, departure times or airlines. Check the 'Best prices' tab, with the most attractive offers or 'Cheapest flights +/- 3 days' – ance again flexibility of departure date opens possibilities. Check out if there are better deals of cheap flights looking at a few days ahead or back. Now's the time to book those flight tickets.

  • How to book cheap flights?

    Booking an airline ticket is easy as pie! Once you've found your ideal flight ticket in the eSky search engine, click 'Select' – wait a minute to allow the system checking if the connection is still available. Next you'll find all flight details and information about the ticket booking process for your information, read carefully as this is important. Consider buying travel insurance this is where you'll find information and pricing.

    Next please provide required details for the booking process: name and surname (same has to be on your ID), gender, DOB, the number of checked bags. Then select preferred payment method and enter details from the payment card. An additional online check-in option will be available to choose, a small fee applies. One all details are entered correctly, click Book and pay. It's done!

  • Cheap flights to Egypt and abroad

    Have a look at other features prepared for you by the eSky low cost flights search engine. As if flights alone weren't enough, you can find a deal for a cheap hotel in your destination or check out car rentals and transfer options upon your arrival.

    There's this interesting “Deals” tab where you'll find deals for domestic and international flights with low prices like There are additonal features offered by cheap airline search engines if low cost flights interest you. Esky search engine allow you to find a cheap hotel in your selected location, check out car rental service and book deals with your flight and hotel at the same time.

    It's worth checking the offers of cheap international flights available in the 'Deals' tab - it's the easiest way to find airline tickets from as little as $ 90. You can also rent cars, check out parking spaces with their prices as well as consider transfer options.

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