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✔️ Where does Alitalia fly to?

Alitalia timetable covers routes from many popular cities. To check the availability of the connections, use eSky search engine.

✔️ When can you buy the cheapest tickets for Alitalia flight?

It is best to buy tickets for Alitalia flight well ahead of time.

✔️ What airlines operate similar routes?

To the cities, to which run Alitalia flights, run also other airlines, and you can find them in eSky search engine.

✔️ Can I book a hotel together with Alitalia flight?

By using eSky search engine you can book a hotel together with the flight under the Flight+Hotel package. Thanks to this your travel will not only be comfortable, but you will also save money thanks to the package discounts.

Get to know more about Alitalia


Alitalia is the Italian national airline and the nineteenth in the world. Its head office is located at Rome Fiumicino airport of Leonardo da Vinci. The airline was established in 1946 under the name Alitalia – Linee Aeree Italiane. After the bankruptcy in 2008, a group of investors bought a airline together with LCC Air One. The airline offers tickets in 90 directions worldwide and many additional destinations via Sky Team, of which the airline has been a member since 2001.


You can take hand luggage onboard of Alitalia flights. Its dimensions and weight are determined by the airline and may vary depending on the booking class or route.
Luggage registered in Alitalia must also have certain dimensions and weight. Here, too, everything depends on the travel class and route.

Booking classes

Alitalia offers tickets in four booking classes. Classica is the equivalent of economy class. Onboard the Airbus A330s and B777s offers an individual entertainment system. From the plane, you can make calls to the ground or to another passenger on the same plane, just dial the number located on his seat. The passenger can take with him registered luggage weighing up to 23 kg and hand luggage up to 8 kg with specified dimensions.

In the Classica Plus fare, passengers can take two pieces of checked-in luggage up to 23 kg with them. They also have the priority of boarding, smaller cabins with ergonomic seats that give up to 40% more legroom and a sleeping set.
The purchase of a ticket in the Ottima Business Class class opens access to the Alitalia and Sky Team salons. Passengers are checked-in at separate gates. The limit of checked-in baggage is two pieces up to 32 kg each. The comfort onboard consists of, among others, leather seats and more space. Finally, the most comfortable booking class – Magnifica Business Class – offers leather seats with massage function and the possibility of unfolding to the flat the seat.

Online check-in

Self-check-in via the Internet is possible 24 hours before the departure. At this stage, you can choose a place on the board, buy extra luggage or more leg room.
Online check-in is not possible for unaccompanied children, passengers requiring additional assistance and passengers traveling from Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Tripoli and Tunis, as well as those flying to Moscow, St. Petersburg or Tripoli.


Alitalia has one of the youngest fleets in the world – the average age of the machine is 7 years. Among 140 aircrafts are, among others, Boeings B777 and Airbuses A330.

Rome-Fiumicino Airport of Leonardo da Vinci

At the airport there is the main Alitalia base. The airport is located 35 km southwest of the historic centre of Rome. It is the sixth largest airport in Europe in terms of served passengers. It serves approx. 36 million passengers a year. The airport has 4 terminals: T1 for domestic Alitalia flights and flights within the Schengen area of the Sky Team, Lux Air and Air Italy alliance, T2 for low-fare airlines, T3 for international flights and T5 for flights to and from the USA and Israel.


Alitalia is considered an airline that serves the best meals onboard. The "Global Traveler" magazine awarded the airline the Best Aviation Kitchen award in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

On short routes in the cheapest tariff, travellers receive snacks or a light meal and hot and cold drinks to choose from. There are two menus on the intercontinental routes.
In an extended version of the economy class, they receive hot meals, snacks or breakfast, depending on the route. A welcome drink, warm hand towels, delicate drinks, wines from the best Italian vineyards and hot drinks are also included in the ticket price.
Menu in the business class is inspired by traditional Italian cuisine and depends on the season of the year.
When choosing a flight in Magnifica Class for a passenger awaits a culinary journey. Traditional Italian dishes are served with the best Italian wines.

Additional services

Traveling with the economy class, you can also buy a place with increased space for legs. In addition, online registration allows you to buy some additional services at reduced prices. Passengers who need additional help must report such a need up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure. Passengers traveling with animals older than 3 months must check-in together with the necessary documents at 90 minutes before the planned departure.