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Air Berlin

The second largest airline in Germany Air Berlin was established in 1978. It operated both international and intercity flights. Air Berlin offered its passengers really cheap flights, and from 2012 it has been a member of the oneworld network, one of the three largest air alliances in the world. Importantly, Air Berlin cooperated on a code share basis, including with airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines and Finnair. Low cost Air Berlin airlines flew to the USA, European countries and even to the east. The IATA code is AB.

Baggage at Air Berlin

You can bring hand baggage and checked baggage on board Air Berlin. If you chose to travel with economy class, you could pack approximately 8 kg into your hand luggage. Business class was previously also subject to such requirements, it was only in the FlyFlex option that two handbags of 8 kg were permitted. However, if you wanted to take a registered suitcase, you were allowed to carry up to 23 kg. However, travelling in business class permitted two pieces of luggage of 23 kg each. What could you take on board Air Berlin? It was possible to pack cosmetics, only in 100 ml volumes, and it was forbidden to bring sharp objects and potentially life-threatening objects, such as flammable items like hair spray. Therefore, low cost Air Berlin flights were carried out on similar principles as set by other carriers.

What booking classes did Air Berlin offer?

Air Berlin Airlines featured two booking classes, economy and business. The economy class included several sub-types of flights, you could travel with, among others, JustFly, FlyDeal, FlyClassic. In business class, there were subgroups, including: FlyDeal Business, FlyClassic Business. Economy class routes, usually those of short distance, could be enjoyed in pleasant leather armchairs. The business class, on the other hand, offered its passengers the possibility to use multimedia, their own monitor, thanks to which passengers could listen to music and watch films. Many passengers on the nightly flights benefited from the purchase of low cost Air Berlin business class tickets.

Was online check-in possible at Air Berlin?

Air Berlin Airlines offered its passengers the option of online check-in. It was a very convenient solution, since it allowed later arrival at the airport. It is extremely popular to check in online. This was usually possible 24 hours to 2 hours before departure.

Which aircrafts did Air Berlin have in its fleet?

Air Berlin Airlines offered not only cheap flights, but also the possibility of flying on comfortable aircrafts. From the beginning of its operations, Air Berlin was a large carrier and the second largest airline in Germany, so it's no wonder that it had quite a few machines – over 100. The fleet included vehicles like Boeing 737, 787, and various Airbus models. All machines were checked very carefully for performance and had always undergone mandatory technical inspections. After suspending operations in 2017, most aircrafts were taken over by Germany's leading airline - Lufthansa.

Air Berlin Airport - Berlin Tegel Airport

The headquarters of the low cost airline Air Berlin was Berlin Tegel Airport. The airport is situated a short distance from the city centre of Berlin, about 8 km northwest. The port serves international flights to the whole of Europe, as well as intercontinental hauls; it can also fly to New York. Berlin-Tegel Airport is very well equipped, there are numerous cafes and restaurants. On top of that, there is also a duty free zone where you can buy souvenirs. There is also free Internet access at the airport as well as the headquarters of car rentals.

Additional services at Air Berlin

Air Berlin Airlines offered many interesting options for its passengers. People flying in business class could benefit, among others, from reclining armchairs in the form of a bed, passengers could also fly in specially prepared salons, where they could rest or regenerate very comfortably. An interesting fact was that during special flights, such as to Abu Dhabi, you could travel with a chauffeur. On long hauls you could enjoy free drinks like coffee, tea, juices, alcohol, snacks - of course adapted to passengers, e.g. vegans, vegetarians. However, low cost Air Berlin tickets are entitled to receive extras during night flights, such as those in the form of a toothbrush or sleeping glasses.